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The Australian Guide to Rest and Relaxation in Medical School

October 27, 2020

Since medical school can be some of the hardest and most stressful...

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What are the Best Premade Preclinical Anki Decks for Medical School?

October 22, 2020

Anki is quickly becoming a mainstay learning tool in medical school. The...

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The Clinical Eye: Mastering The Art of Diagnosis

October 20, 2020

“Document or you didn’t do it” became a literal process as I...

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Why I Went to an Osteopathic Medical School

October 15, 2020

What this is, is an honest post about why I chose to...

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Medicine Needs More Givers

October 13, 2020

Shortly after starting medical school, I found myself feeling a bit down,...

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How I Survived a Cat 5 Hurricane in Medical School

October 9, 2020

My first day of medical school was spent surviving the Category 5...

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