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Dating in Medical School

24 Feb 2021

Medical school is a lot to handle. It can be so difficult...

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Active vs. Passive Learning

10 Feb 2021

Everyone has different learning strategies. In undergrad, I was more of a...

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How Bullet Journaling Saved My Sanity

03 Feb 2021

I could never find a planner that fit. I wanted something that...

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8 reasons why every non-US medical student should study for the USMLE

26 Jan 2021

If the title wasn’t self-explanatory enough, this blog is basically an open...

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To Fail Isn’t Failure -Five Things I Learned After Failing Step 1​

22 Jan 2021

can honestly say that the fall to rock bottom never hurt as...

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The Best Resource for Physiology​

13 Jan 2021

Physiology can be a challenge. Though the concepts may be simple, understanding...

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