Reproductive Anatomy Section 2- Female Ligaments and Local Structures

TOPICS: Infundibulopelvic (suspensory) ligament, uterosacral ligaments, round ligament, ovarian ligament, transverse cervical (cardinal) ligament, broad ligament (peritoneum), mesentery, uterine artery, uterine vein, ureter, ovarian artery, ovarian vein, ureter, inguinal canal, uterus, sacrum, labia majora, uterine horn, mesosalpinx, fallopian tubes, ovaries, mesovarium, mesometrium, uterine body, hysterectomy, ovarian torsion, oophorectomy, indirect inguinal hernia, pelvic organ prolapse, suspensory, abdominal wall, inferior mesenteric artery, common iliac artery, middle sacral vessels, superior rectal artery, internal iliac artery, external iliac artery, vaginal artery, levator ani muscles, urethral sphincter, stress incontinence, cystocele, rectocele, enterocele, mesentery
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