Psychiatric Pharmacology Section 30- Opioid Withdrawal, Detoxification and Relapse Prevention

TOPICS: Methadone, long acting opiate, full agonist, refractory pain, heroin detox, long term maintenance therapy, buprenorphine, sublingual, partial agonist at mu opioid receptors, prevent relapse for heroin addicts, formulated with naloxone, naloxone, full opioid antagonist, acute opioid overdose, confusion, respiratory depression, miosis, naloxone, iv route, nasal spray, im injection, carefully monitor respiration and provide bag mask ventilation, reverse cns depression, naltrexone, long acting, taken orally, opioid antagonist, acute detoxification, maintain sobriety, intravenous drug users, risk for hepatitis, risk for hiv, cefuroxime, 2nd generation cephalosporin, risk for bacteremia, risk for right sided endocarditis

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