Musculoskeletal Section 2- Muscle Anatomy and Contraction

TOPICS: Muscle fiber, muscle cell, fascicle, myofibril, sarcomere, thin filaments, thick filaments, myosin, actin, ATP, troponin C, tropomyosin, muscle contraction, golgi tendon organs (GTOs), muscle relaxation, negative feedback mechanism, muscle-tendon junction, ADP+P complex, afferent neurons, efferent neurons, slow twitch (type I) muscle fibers, fast twitch (type II) muscle fibers, myoglobin, glycogenolysis, anaerobic glycogenolysis, I band, A band, H band, M line, sarcomere, Z line, thin myofilament, thick myofilament, inhibitory interneuron, wave summation, action potential, myogram, motor unit, summation of twitches, tetanus

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