Musculoskeletal Pathology Section 9 – Dermatitis and Acne

TOPICS: Atopic dermatitis, eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopy, epidermal barrier protein, type 1 hypersensitivity, pruritic rash, high IgE, eosinophilia, moisturizer, topical steroids, contact dermatitis, type IV hypersensitivity, penicillin, soaps, poison ivy, urushiol, nickel, jewelry, intraepidermal vesicles, spongiosis, acne vulgaris, comedones, pustules, pimples, nodules, nodulocystic acne, puberty, PCOS, oil based beauty products, tight fitting clothing, protective gear, heat, obesity, shaving blades, post workout shower, sebum production, hyperkeratinization, cutibacterium acnes, propionibacterium, blackhead, whitehead, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, isotretinoin

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