Hem/Onc Pathology Section 6- Thalassemias

TOPICS: HbF, HbA, HbA2, alpha thalassemia, alpha globin gene deletion, chromosome 16, alpha thalassemia minima, alpha thalassemia minor, hemoglobin H disease, hemoglobin Barts disease, cis deletion, trans deletion, HbH, beta4, gamma4, hydrops fetalis, beta thalassemia, chromosome 11, point mutations, promoter or splicing sites, beta0, beta+, beta thalassemia minor, beta thalassemia major, HbS/beta thalassemia heterozygote, target cells, extravascular hemolysis, ineffective erythropoiesis, crewcut skull, chipmunk facies, hepatosplenomegaly, secondary hemochromatosis, parvovirus B19 infection, aplastic crisis, sickle cell disease
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