Gastroenterology Section 3 – Liver and Bilirubin Metabolism

TOPICS: Hepatic artery proper, portal vein, common bile duct, portal triad, zone I, zone II, zone III, bile, detoxification, first pass metabolism, cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy, ammonia, estrogen, spider angiomas, gynecomastia, phase I metabolism, phase II metabolism, cytochrome P-450, redox reactions, hydrolysis, transferase, conjugation reaction, transferrin, ceruloplasmin, sex hormone-binding globulin, albumin, oncotic pressure, thrombopoietin, thrombocytopenia, gluconeogenesis, glycogen storage, glycogenolysis, lipoproteins, cholesterol metabolism, HMG-CoA reductase, ferritin, complement, C-reactive protein, antithrombin III, proteins C and S, fibrinogen, fibronectin, insulin-like growth factor 1, angiotensinogen, bilirubin metabolsim, protoporphyrin, iron, unconjugated bilirubin (UCB), uridine glucuronyl transferase (UGT), conjugated bilirubin (CB), urobilinogen, stercobilin, urobilin, enterohepatic circulation
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