Embryology Reproduction Section 8 – 1st and 2nd Pharyngeal Arches

TOPICS: 1st pharyngeal arch, 2nd pharyngeal arch, maxillary process, mandibular process, mandible, Meckel’s cartilage, malleus, incus, sphenomandibular ligament, zygomatic bone, muscles of mastication, mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve (CN V3), tensor tympani muscle, mylohyoid muscle, tongue, medial pterygoid muscle, lateral pterygoid muscle, temporalis, masseter, tensor veli palatini muscle, digastric muscle, maxillary artery, Reichart’s cartilage, muscles of facial expression, muscles of facial expression and the facial nerve (CN VII), lesser horn of the thyroid, stapes, stapedius muscle, stapedial artery, hyoid artery, stylohyoid muscle, stylohyoid ligament, platysma muscle, pharyngeal arch disorders, Treacher Collins syndrome, Pierre Robin sequence, autosomal dominant, zygomatic bone hypoplasia, neural crest cell dysfunction, airway compromise, mandibular hypoplasia, facial abnormalities, micrognathia, glossoptosis, cleft palate, airway obstruction, lesser horn of the hyoid

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