Embryology Nephrology Section 1- Normal Renal Development

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TOPICS: Nephrogenic cord, pronephros, mesonephros, mesonephric duct, cloaca, metanephros, metanephric mesoderm (blastema), reciprocal induction, ureteric bud, fetal development of urinary system, development of filtration and collections systems from fetus to adult, Wolffian duct, internal genitalia, ureteric bud (metanephrogenic diverticulum), collecting system, filtration system, urachus, urinary excretion in 1st trimester, urinary excretion in 2nd and 3rd trimester, gut tube, midgut, allantois, umbilical cord, bladder, ureter, median umbilical ligament, urachal cyst, vesicourachal diverticulum, umbilicus, urachal diverticulum, urachal pathologies

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