Everything you need for Step 1 physiology. Nothing you don’t.


Your time is invaluable and you shouldn’t have to waste it by digging through bloated, archaic resources, trying to determine what is and isn’t important or relevant for Step 1. As you take time to prepare for the most important and impactful test of your life, you ought to be able to do it with confidence, knowing that what you are studying is actually going to benefit you when it matters most. With that in mind, we have built Physeo to be the most high-yield, clear and succinct resource ever created for Step 1 physiology.

Physeo. The definitive resource for Step 1 physiology.

• Over 30 hours of concise, thorough videos
• Full-color PDF textbook
• High-yield clinical examples and questions throughout the videos and the text

Videos run between 5 and 60 minutes each, and are playable on a variety of speeds and on all devices.

The PDF textbook is extremely comprehensive and provides detailed, full-color diagrams and images that correspond with the content in the videos.

We believe that one of the most powerful aspects of Physeo is the way that we have incorporated board-style questions and clinical examples throughout the videos in each section. As you prepare for Step 1, we want you to be confident, which is why we have gone to extraordinary lengths to create questions that closely mimic what you are actually going to see on the exam so that you aren’t caught off guard on test day.

Physiology not only accounts for a significant portion of Step 1 by percentage, but it also accounts for a large portion of your coursework during your time leading up to Step 1. In both cases, Physeo is the answer. We put it all together, now you just need to relax and study!


If you have any questions, you can refer to the FAQ page, or feel free to contact us any time. We’d love to hear from you!