Cardiac Pharmacology Section 17 – Class IA, IB, and IC Antiarrhythmics

TOPICS: Class 1 antiarrhythmics, sodium channels, use dependence, slope of phase 0, qrs, potassium channels, qt prolongation, erp prolongation, atrial and bencho arrhythmias, wolff parkinson white, svt, ventricular tachycardia, quinidine, cinchonism, digitalis toxicity, procainamide, sle like syndrome, disopyramide, heart failure, inotropic, anticholinergic effects, torsades de pointes, thrombocytopenia, class 1b antiarrhythmics, slope of phase 0, prolong qrs, shorten erp, shorten qt, easy fast dissociation, lidocaine, phenytoin, mexiletin, digoxin induced arrhythmias, acute ventricular arrhythmias, mi, av block, seizures, dizziness, nausea, class 1c antiarrhythmics, slope of phase 0, prolong qrs, strong binding, propafenone, flecainide, paroxysmal svt, ventricular tachycardia, atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, structural and ischemic heart disease, cardiacs arrest

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