Cardiac Pathology Section 5- Angina

TOPICS: Ischemic heart disease, coronary vessels, oxygen supply, oxygen demand, myocardium, angina pectoris, stable angina, atherosclerosis, left ventricular hypertrophy, cocaine use, chest pain, <20 minutes, diaphoresis, SOB, radiating pain, ekg normal, stress test, ST segment depression, subendocardial ischemia, reversible, gradual occlusion, VEGF, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, nitroglycerin, unstable angina, plaque rupture, thrombosis, hemorrhage, incomplete occlusion, ST segment depression depression at rest, reversible, treatment, myocardial infarction, prinzmetal angina, coronary artery vasospasm, episodic chest pain, ST segment elevation, transmural ischemia, reversible, calcium channel blockers, nitroglycerin, avoid beta blockers, sumatriptan
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