Cardiac Pathology Section 16- Endocarditis

TOPICS: Inflammatory of endocardium, non infective endocarditis, sterile vegetations, sle, libman sacks, advanced malignancy, hypercoagulable state, infective endocarditis, bacteremia, acute, rapid course, normal valve, tricuspid valve, iv drug users, staphylococcus aureus, subacute, gradual course, diseased valves, rheumatic heart disease, mitral valve prolapse, dental procedures, mitral valve, viridans streptococci, staph epidermidis, prosthetic valves, iv catheter, strep bovis (gallolyticus), colorectal cancer, hacek, native valve, coxiella burnetti, bartonella spp., culture negative, fatigue, fever, chills, heart murmur, FROM JANE, roth spots, retinal hemorrhages, osler nodes, janeway lesions, anemia of chronic disease, splinter hemorrhages, emboli, blood cultures, transesophageal echocardiogram, history
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