Cardiac Pathology Section 12- Cardiomyopathy

TOPICS: Myocardial dysfunction, heart failure, sudden death, dilated cardiomyopathy, global dilation, idiopathic, coronary artery disease, TTN gene, titin, postpartum, infection, cocaine, alcohol, doxorubicin, eccentric hypertrophy, compliance, edv, ef, heart failure, mitral and tricuspid regurgitation, arrhythmia, ACEi, ICD, diuretics, beta blockers, spironolactone, sodium restriction, transplant, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, asymmetric interventricular septal hypertrophy, nondilated hypertrophic left ventricle, sarcomere gene, beta myosin heavy chain, myosin binding protein c, syncope, myofiber disarray, interstitial fibrosis, young athlete, mitral regurgitation, concentric enlargement, diastolic dysfunction, beta blockers, function, beta blockers, verapamil, icd, restrictive cardiomyopathy, ventricular wall stiffness, amyloidosis, sarcoidosis, hemochromatosis, postradiation fibrosis, löffler endocarditis, endocardial fibroelastosis, low voltage ekg, stress induced (takotsubo) cardiomyopathy, physical/emotional stress, catecholamine surge, apical hypokinesis, basal hyperkinesis, japanese octopus trap, systolic dysfunction with reduced ef, self resolving
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