Autonomic Pharmacology Section 9- Direct Cholinergic Agonists

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TOPICS: Bethanechol, m3 agonist, acetylcholinesterase, detrusor muscle, urinary retention, overflow incontinence, postoperative ileus, neurogenic ileus, methacholine, m3 receptor, bronchoconstriction, asthma, methacholine challenge, pilocarpine, m3 agonist, ciliary muscle, accomodation, miosis, pinpoint pupil, tears, sweat, saliva, xerostomia, open angle glaucoma, sjogren syndrome, carbachol, m3 receptor, m1 receptor, m2 receptor, nicotinic receptor (nn and nm), carbon copy, acetylcholine, acetylcholinesterase, miosis, intraocular pressure, open angle glaucoma

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