Autonomic Pharmacology Section 1- Adrenergic Receptors

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TOPICS: Alpha-1 receptors, gpcr, gq protein, phospholipase c activation, pip2, ip3, dag, pkc, calcium, pupillary dilator muscle contraction, mydriasis (dilated pupils), alpha-1 stimulation, vascular smooth muscle contraction, vasoconstriction, internal urethral sphincter muscle contraction, alpha-2 receptors, gq protein, adenylate cyclase, camp, norepinephrine (ne) release, aqueous humor production, intraocular pressure, insulin release, lipolysis, platelet aggregation, beta1, beta2, beta3, gs protein, contractility, inotropy, inotropic, chronotropy,chronotropic, renin, lipolysis, vasodilation, skeletal muscle, coronary arteries, bronchodilation/bronchial relaxation, potassium, glycogenolysis, uterine tone, detrusor smooth muscle, bladder capacity, thermogenesis

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