A 252 on Step 1 Using One-Word Flashcards with Pete Sundwall


During this 1st episode, Michael and Rhett interview Pete Sundwall, a 1st year Family Medicine resident from Coeur d’Alene, ID. He attended the University of Utah. He shares about his simple, straight forward strategy and routines to be successful through the USMLE Step 1.

Episode Highlights:
– Pete shares about his family history and journey into medicine.
– He talks about the first days of medical school and what he was thinking.
– Pete shares his insigh t into how he maneuvered obstacles, studying, and remembering things.
– During first year he focused on coursework, and referenced First Aid.
– Pete discusses his method for learning coursework utilizing flash cards.
– He shares about his study methods and utilization of question banks.
– Pete approached Uworld differently than what me considered “traditional” and shares why.
– He shares more about how he reviewed Anki, and his daily process for review.
– Pete shares about his process and variations during Dedicated.
– Had a fun, different way of using Picmonic and people made fun of it.

3 Key Points:
1. Limit your resources and don’t compare yourself to other people.
2. Find your own way, what works for you, and stick to it.
3. Try to record all the dumb things you do, because they turn out to be funny later

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