Abu Hurraira Khan

Abu Hurraira Khan

It goes without saying, the power of social media is indisputable in this day and age. We are all well aware of how it defines our lives and how relevant it is to all spheres of our education, entertainment, and practically everything else. In this virtual realm, with over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is one of the most powerful social media platforms out there. It has also quickly transformed into the world’s second-largest search engine, second only to its owner, Google. 

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that YouTube has enormous learning potential, but locating the finest information may be difficult. There is a myriad of channels and videos that deal with medicine and healthcare, but since it is almost impossible to sift through all the pages of the internet, people don’t bother with finding the best content. This is where I come into play. Owing to my love of YouTube, I have done more than my fair share of watching medical content. Here is a list of my top 5 YouTube content creators so that you can know what to look for when you hit the YouTube search engine the next time!


  • Harvard Medical School (199K subscribers)

We all know that Harvard is a world-leading educational institution;  but their contribution to the world of medicine is unparalleled. Not only have they made strides by providing exceptional in-person education, but they have also changed the landscape of virtual education via their youtube channel. Their youtube channel guides you through undergrad and postgrad contemporary research, all the way up to intricate procedures. It branches into genetic research, lab work, and academic seminars; everything that a budding medical student needs under one roof. 


  • Osmosis (2.3M subscribers)

With Osmosis holding the reins at two million subscribers and steadily climbing the ladder each day, they have proved its absolute vitality to students of medicine worldwide. A significant chunk leans on them when it comes to understanding, learning, and implementing their concepts in clinical practice. They extend their prowess to not only medical school, but also dental and nursing schools. Recently, they have strengthened their foothold by partnering with Elsevier. This translates into an impeccable teaching method backed up by 3-D virtual simulations.  The future of upcoming caregivers and healthcare professionals is undoubtedly bright with Osmosis.


  • One Minute Medical School (40K subscribers)

Medical school can sometimes result in a last-minute time crunch.   One Minute Medical School is the face of a savior who comes knocking at your door at the eleventh hour when all the ships are at sea. Their concise, bite-sized videos which effectively deliver concepts in under a minute are everything that a medical student needs who is working against the clock. I personally have encountered such situations, and know many of my colleagues who were saved from unyielding exam stress by holding onto the guiding torch of one minute medical school. 


  • Caring Medical (43K subscribers)

Caring Medical is clearly a top tier channel for all the students who are slowly transitioning from the academic aspect of medicine to the clinical side. Their in- depth videos are purely educational as they familiarize the viewers with which cautions and procedures to follow in pain management. They range from showing informative X-Rays and scans, working their way to the diagnosis, and finally to the most effective approach for the patients and then the practitioners. Their videos pave the way for all the future medical professionals interested in specializing in chronic pain management as they incorporate stem cell therapy into their treatments.


  • Doctor Mike (9.3M subscribers)

Doctor Mike is one of the most influential figures on YouTube, with a rather celebrated presence on almost all social media platforms. His effortless charisma as he manages both his work life and social life garnered a huge following from medical students worldwide, and also from people who had no medical background whatsoever. His popularity is well-earned. Not only has he managed to intrigue the public with his life as a physician, but he has also kept on engaging with them through his multi- faceted personality. While some of his videos are pure entertainment, he also has a separate playlist for guiding those in the medical profession. This has encouraged millions of his viewers to build a life outside of work, and not spiral into an exhausting routine. 

At last I would like to draw to a conclusion that excelling in the field of medicine surely requires a lot of hard work, but the key factor is; being on the right path. These are only a fraction of channels listed which can motivate you and steer you towards becoming a better doctor, and there are hundreds of other channels which you can derive your knowledge from. The best part is that you can cherry pick them according to your preference, and enhance your educational experience.

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